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We help the best organisations in the healthcare industry get ahead by turning their ideas into great stories, brands and products.

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We help you test your ideas in just 4 days with Design Sprints.

With this technique pioneered by Google Ventures, we are able to quickly design, prototype, and test the viability of an idea, product, or feature. Working as a team in a sprint compresses months of work into less than a week!

What does a Design Sprint look like?
  • Day 01.
    Define, Map & Sketch
    • Together, we define the challenges and explore a mass of solutions from different perspectives and approaches. At the end of the day, a clear target is set and the first concept sketches are done.
  • Day 02.
    Decide & Storyboard
    • Our goal is to converge on the best solutions to prototype by reviewing all of the possibilities from the day before. Once the user flow is defined, we move on to creating the storyboard.
  • Day 03.
    • It is time to build a high fidelity prototype that has the look and feel of a real product! While some of the team are busy designing, others will set up the user tests for the following day.
  • Day 04.
    • The last day is for testing our assumptions and how users react to the prototype. Based on their feedback, we draw our conclusions and create clear next steps.

We’re pixelandfox, a digital and design studio based in Berlin.

As a digital & design studio, we help healthcare companies test and launch new product ideas in a just a few days.


Starting your business very soon and ready to grow fast? Looking for support during your pivot? Need to do some user testing to perfect your product? We get it. You're in the right place!


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